Exploring American Restaurants in the Late 1950s and ’60s Through Stunning Postcards_ml

By the end of the 1950s, casual dining prevails, both at home and in public, yet interest in new dining experiences, luxury, and exotic cuisines is apparent. The restaurant industry looks forward to a bright future.

During the 1960s, Americans grew wealthier, traveled more, and demanded more exotic cuisine. Yet there were few trained restaurant cooks. Convenience food offered the solution for many restaurants as the decade wore on.

In other developments, old restaurant formats such as automats, diners, cafeterias, and drive-ins disappeared or shrank drastically in numbers. Fast food and dinner house chains, relatively scarce at the beginning of the decade, flourished by its end.

These amazing postcards from Ryan Khatam that show outside of American restaurants in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Arizona. Helsing’s Restaurant, Phoenix


Arizona. Huck Finns Restaurant, Phoenix


California. Chucks Pancake House, Placerville
California. Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco


California. Exposition No. 1 Restaurant, Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco


California. Hody’s Restaurant Coffee Shop, North Hollywood


California. Keefer’s Highway Restaurant, King City


California. Ship Ahoy Sea Food Restaurant, Santa Cruz


California. Sno-White Drive-In, Modesto


Connecticut. D’andrea’s 3 Acres Drive-In, Woodbridge


Florida. Doumar’s Drive-In Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale


Florida. Parham’s Restaurant, Miami Beach


Florida. Soret’s Restaurant, Riviera Beach


Florida. The Brahma Restaurant, Ocala


Georgia. C & J Restaurant, Claxton


Georgia. Crews Restaurant, Brunswick


Georgia. Green Turtle Restaurant, Valdosta


Georgia. Mrs. Bryant’s Kitchen, Statesboro


Georgia. Mrs. Rogers Restaurant, Claxton


Georgia. Ranch House Restaurants, Atlanta


Illinois. Bel Air Restaurant, Greenville


Illinois. The Escape Restaurant, Berwyn


Indiana. A&w Family Restaurant, North Vernon


Kansas. Thomas Cafeteria, Kansas City


Kentucky. Bun Boy Restaurant, East Main Street, Warsaw


Kentucky. Jolly’s Restaurant & Motel, Cave City


Maryland. Dutch Mill Farm Restaurant, Annapolis


Michigan. Penthouse Restaurant, Marie


Michigan. Sids on the River, Algonac


Michigan. Totem Pole Restaurant, Ironwood


Minnesota. Cassidys Gold Pine Restaurant & Motor Inn, Hinckley


Minnesota. Country Kitchen Restaurant, St Cloud


Minnesota. Nybo’s Cafe, Hiawatha Valley


Nevada. Joe Mackie’s New Star Broiler & Casino, Winnemucca


Nevada. Sills Drive-In Restaurant, Las Vegas


New Jersey. Hackney’s Seafood Restaurant, Atlantic City


New Mexico. Blackie’s Place, Moriarty


New Mexico. Chinese Dragon Restaurant, Alamgordo


New Mexico. Leonard’s Fine Foods, Albuquerque


New Mexico. Travelers Motel & Cocktail Lounge, Artesia


New York. Corner House Restaurant


North Carolina. Pizza Hut, Fayetteville


Ohio. Chal’s Drive-In Restaurant Cambridge


Oklahoma. The Mark Restaurant, Weatherford


Oregon. Keg & Platter Restaurant, Salem


Oregon. Recreation Cafe Coffee Shop, The Dalles


Oregon. The Anchor, Newport


Oregon. Waddle’s Coffee Shop, Portland


South Carolina. Hotel Sarsfield and Coffee Shop, Camden


South Carolina. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Orangeburg


South Carolina. Midway Diner, Pee Dee


South Carolina. South of the Border Pedros Restaurant, Dillon


Texas. Jet Drive-In, Austin


Texas. New Braunfels Smokehouse


Texas. Sheraton Kings Inn, Houston


Texas. Underwoods Bar-B-Q, Amarillo


Utah. Flying M Cafe, Panguitch


Utah. Harmans Millstream Cafe & Kentucky Fried Chicken, Ogden


Utah. Mickelson’s Cafe, Nephi


Washington. Bart’s Charcoal Broiler, Longview


Wyoming. Sands Cafe Rock, Springs

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