Vintage photographs of London from the 1920s_Lap

London’s growth accelerated during the 18th century, and it was the world’s largest city from about 1831 to 1925. This growth was aided from 1836 by London’s first railways which put small countryside towns within easy reach of the city. The rail network expanded very rapidly, and caused these places to grow whilst London itself expanded into surrounding fields, merging with neighboring settlements such as Kensington. Rising traffic congestion on city centre roads led to the creation of the world’s first metro system — the London Underground.

Of course during World War II the Blitz and other bombing by the German Luftwaffe killed over 30,000 Londoners and flattened large tracts of housing and other buildings across London.
So what was London like during the 1920s, after the boom times when it was the world’s largest city, but before the great depression and WWII? The photos below may give some clues, more pictures here.

Victoria Station


Horses and Carts


Old Ford Picture Palace




Tower Bridge