Vintage Hooded Portable Hair Dryers for Women at Home From the 1960s and 1970s _ USStories

The home hair dryer is a big success these days, and little wonder. New models are a far cry from the first models, which had to be held, or were used with a sort of wind tunnel over the head.

To make best use of the home hair dryer, plan setting sessions for a time when other beauty chores can be done. A facial treatment, pedicure and manicure suggest themselves.
Of course, the great boon of the home hair dryer is its speed. When hair is set on large rollers, it can dry a coiffure fast enough to allow for morning settings. This can mean eliminating the custom of sleeping all night on rollers.
Coiffures can be quickly refreshed with modern dryers. The heat settings on modern home dryers are controllable, so women can have the warmth they prefer. Use these controls to dry different hair textures properly. Coarser hair can stand higher heat than fine hair.
If the hair is smoothly rolled and dried at the proper temperature, its sheen and life will be measurably improved. Dry overly curly hair at a low heat and it will kink less. Straight hair dried at higher temperatures seems to have more body.