Traveling in a Boeing 747: These Are Why It Was More Comfortable to Fly in the ’70s Than Now _ USStories

Commercial airlines first started becoming mainstream during the 1950s. However, it wasn’t until the ’60s and ’70s that customer service and accommodations first started to become emphasized. There was more space, classier interiors and bolder designs. Here are some of the actual cabin interiors for the Boeing 747s in the 1970s. They are awesome.

The idea of the Boeing 747 started in the 1960s, when Pan Am asked Boeing for 400-seat plane. Pan Am’s chairman Juan Trippe had a flying ocean liner in mind, a double-decker jet. But the design team at Boeing didn’t think this was a good idea. They favored a wide-body design because, back then, it made more sense from an engineering, economical, and safety point of view.
1. A prototype of economy class flight with 400 seats.

2. Business areas in Boeing 747 started looking like this.

3. And on these flights passengers could enjoy the view on these beautiful and gorgeous stewardesses.

4. People enjoyed in long friendly talks and cup of coffee in a lounge.

5. If you were traveling with your business partners, you could sit and make pleasant conversation.

6. If you are flying in groups of 4, there are special desks in economy class.

7. Aisles in economy class are wide so people can easily pass by.

8. The lounge installed on the top deck of the first Boeing 747.

9. In the lounge, you have an attendant who was always willing to help you.

10. This “room” looking very stylish even by today’s high standards.

11. First-class accommodations were even more spacious.

12. Look at all that leg room.

13. Modern planes are designed to be much more economical. They fit as many people as possible with a relatively small first-class section.

14. With accommodations this nice, it’s hard to see anyone complaining.

15. Though it makes ticket prices more affordable, it’s hard to say that something wasn’t lost in the process.

16. Imagine having your own private getaway.

17. In their advertising campaigns, American Airlines called themselves a “747 Luxury Liner”.