These 14 Vintage Photographs Celebrate the Simple, Easygoing Fun of Summers Past_Lap

Before computer screens and video games lured children indoors, summer was all about heading outside to have fun. Roller skating, flying kites, fishing, and even just running through the sprinklers were all bona fide American pastimes.

These vintage snapshots will inspire you to ditch the television screens and calendars jam-packed with scheduled activities in favor of having a simpler summer.
1. Splashing in the waves at the beach.

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2. Selling (or just drinking) lemonade.

H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile/Getty Images

3. Playing an impromptu game of baseball.

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4. Frolicking in the sprinklers.

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5. Feeding the swans and ducks at the local pond.

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6. Eating ice cream.

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7. Watching toy boats set sail.

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8. Flying a kite.

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9. Building sandcastles.

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10. Hanging out at the local fishing hole.

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11. Roller skating.

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12. Enjoying a family picnic.