Living Mannequins on London’s Carnaby Street in 1966_top1

Lady Jane was the first women’s fashion boutique on London’s Carnaby Street. It was opened by Henry Moss and his partner Harry Fox in April 1966.
On May 11, 1966, Fox had a pair of models take part in a risqué publicity stunt in the boutique’s window. The two models, Diane James and Jina Baker, became living mannequins by changing in the shop window for three days.


The shop gained great publicity from the national press, and attracted the attention of crowds of potential customers by having models changing in the shop window for three days. Henry Moss was quoted as saying “Then I got arrested. I thought it was for indecency, although the girls were wearing underwear. I was tried at Gt. Marlborough Street Court and fined £2 for obstructing the highway.” A visit by Jayne Mansfield garnered further publicity.
Take a look at the publicity stunt through these vintage pictures below: