Fascinating Vintage Color Photographs of London in the 1960s_Lap

These beautiful vintage pictures of London come from the brilliant collection of Glen Fairweather. It hardly goes unnoticeable that the capital city was undergoing the cultural phenomenon that was the Swinging Sixties.

More fascinating photographs of London at the time could be found at Glen’s amazing Flickr site.

Piccadilly Circus from Regent Street, 1961.





Carnaby Street, 1969.


Carnaby Street, 1966.


Drayson Mews, Kensington, 1968.


Covent Garden, 1963.


Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, 1969.


Stable Yard, looking towards Clarance House, 1968.


Portobello Market, 1966.


Trafalgar Square, 1969.


Chalk drawing on the pavement, Embankment, 1968.


Carnaby Street, 1966.


Hyde Park Corner, 1960.


Hyde Park Corner, 1960.


Policemen on Tower Bridge, 1962.


Serpentine Restaurant, Hyde Park, 1966.


Regent Street, 1969.


Piccadilly Circus, London, 1966.


Denbigh Close, 1966.


Harrow Place (corner of White Kennett Street), 1968.


London Motor Show, Earls’ Court, 1962.


Fleet Street, 1965.


Hyde Park Corner, 1960.


Schoolgirls at The Tower of London, 1969.


London Zoo, Regent’s Park, 1966.


Holborn, 1961.


Sherlock Holmes Pub, Northumberland St, 1965.


The Marble Arch Barbecue, 1962.


Piccadilly Circus, 1962.


Midland Bank, 216 Piccadilly, 1960.


St James’s Park, 1965.


Old Curiosity Shop, 1960.


Portobello Market, Portobello Road, 1965.


Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships, 1967.