Fascinating Photos of the Crufts Dog Shows in the 1950s_Lap

Crufts is an international dog show, the largest show of its kind in the world, held annually in the United Kingdom. The first official “Crufts” show was held in 1891, with approximately 2000 dogs and almost 2500 entries.

Children and their dogs, 1952. (Thurston Hopkins)

As the show is not an open contest, only dogs qualified throughout the previous year are allowed to take part in, and they will later compete against others in hierarchical fashion to find the Best in Show and Reverse Best in Show. Best in Show winners will receive a replica of the silver Keddall Memorial Trophy and a small cash prize.

Take a look back at the shows in the 1950s:

A boy with his Saint Bernard, 1950. (Keystone)


Best In Show winner, Welsh Terrier Twynstar Dyma-Fi, 1951. (Reg Speller)


A pair of Miniature Bull Terriers, 1952. (Thurston Hopkins)


A Dalmatian, 1952. (Thurston Hopkins)


A black Standard Poodle, 1952. (Thurston Hopkins)


A Toy Poodle, 1952. (Thurston Hopkins)


, 1952. (Thurston Hopkins)


Best In Show winner, Bulldog Ch Noways Chuckle, 1952. (E. Round)


Best In Show winner, Great Dane Ch Elch Elder of Ouborough, 1953. (E. Round)


1955. (Popperfoto)


Best In Show winner, Poodle Tzigane Aggri of Nashend, 1955. (Harry Todd)


A Chow-Chow, 1956. (Jerry Cooke)


A Miniature Poodle, 1956. (Jerry Cooke)


Two Dandie Dinmont Terriers, 1956. (Jerry Cooke)


Two Afghan hounds in checkered suits, 1957. (Hulton)


Best In Show winner, Keeshond Volkrijk of Vorden, 1957. (Reg Speller)