Amazing Colorized Photos of American Prohibition From the 1920s and 1930s_trunghinhsu

The vivid colors bring these images to life, perfectly capturing both the fashion and atmosphere of this fascinating chapter in American history. Many of these historic photographs are set in Washington.

New York City Deputy Police Commissioner John A. Leach (right) watches as agents pour liquor into a sewer following a raid during the height of Prohibition. – view original

Stop when you see this sign! The Bureau of Prohibition adopted a special insignia plate for use by prohibition agents in stopping suspected automobiles. Photographed (l-r): Prohibition Administrator Ames Woodcock, H.M. Lucious, secretary of the Automobile Club of Maryland, and Ernest M.Smith, vice- president of the A.A.A. – view original


Women and the ballot box: Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform. – view original


Policeman stands alongsie a wrecked car and several cases of moonshine. – view original


Woman seated at a soda fountain table pours alcohol into her cup from a cane. Note the large Coca-Cola advertisement on the wall, 2/13/22 – view original


Woman putting flask in her Russian boot – view original


Man carries a case of ‘Four Roses’ whiskey on his shoulder, possibly confiscated by the U.S. Internal Revenue Bureau. – view original


Woman holds poster that reads; “Abolish Prohibition!” – view original


After a thrilling chase through the busiest streets of Washington, a couple of bootleggers and their car are apprehended by the Capitol police. – view original