50 Wonderful Color Photographs That Show What Gas Stations Looked Like in the U.S From the 1950s and 1960s _ USStories

Back then, full-service gas stations engaged in numerous marketing ploys to draw you in for fill ups. Unlike today’s gas station stores that are mostly eateries, the old-time gas station was a real service center offering specialized auto repair, tires, oil, batteries and more. The only things in common with today’s gas stations were restrooms and, at best, a small selection of gum, candy bars, crackers and potato chips. Other than that, it was servicing your car and selling gasoline as the primary business plan.

Since most gas stations offered the same level of service, it took different promotions to get you into their station and most important making sure you came back for more.

These shots from the 1950s and 1960s make clear how drastic the evolution of the gas station has been. And note what a huge variety of companies were selling gas back then.

(Photos © Dave Gelinas)