40 Impressive Color Photographs Documenting Daily Life in America Immediately After World War II_top1

Following World War II, the United States emerged as one of the two dominant superpowers, turning away from its traditional isolationism and toward increased international involvement.

The United States became a global influence in economic, political, military, cultural, and technological affairs. The unprecedented growth of the U.S. economy translated into prosperity that resulted in millions of office and factory workers being lifted into a growing middle class that moved to the suburbs and embraced consumer goods.

The role of women in U.S. society became an issue of particular interest in the post-war years, with marriage and feminine domesticity depicted as the primary goal for the American woman. The post-war baby boom embraced the role of women as caretakers and homemakers.

The post-World War II prosperity did not extend to everyone. Many Americans continued to live in poverty throughout the 1950s, especially older people and African Americans.

Voting rights discrimination remained widespread in the south through the 1950s. Although both parties pledged progress in 1948, the only major development before 1954 was integration of the military.

Here below is a set of amazing color photos that shows everyday life of the United States in the late 1940s.

Colorado. Mother and baby in field of flowers


Arizona. Lady at the Grand Canyon


California. At the Lutheran Church in Easton
California. Beach bronzes


California. Birthday party in Los Angeles


California. San Francisco street scenes


Colorado. Drowsy Water Ranch, Granby


Colorado. Drowsy Water Ranch, Granby


Colorado. Drowsy Water Ranch, Granby


Colorado. Drowsy Water Ranch, Granby


Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park


Colorado. Three girls at the beach, Granby


Couple in the desert


Dappper dudes of the 1940s


Driving in the desert


Driving on cold weather


Drving in the mountains


Family on boat at lake


Girl with dog friend


Girl with smile holding a Coke bottle while lying on the beach


Maryland. Washington Monument, Boonsboro


Massachusetts. Car at 50 Maple St., Attleboro Falls


Mother and children at beach


Mother with son at the beach


Nevada. Family posing with Nevada US 50 Highway Sign


New Jersey. At the shore, Cape May


New York. Women at Shelter Island


Oklahoma family on the road in Oldsmobile


Oklahoma family with Oldsmobile


Oklahoma. Child on porch tasting watermelon


Oklahoma. Women with babies standing in front of Health Foods store


San Francisco. Seventh Day Adventist Youth Congress.


San Francisco. Seventh Day Adventist Youth Congress


Texas. Lovers on the bridge


Three sitting ladies


Washington. Woodland Park Rose Garden, Seattle


Women pose by the train


Wyoming. Horse carriage parade


Wyoming. Laramie


Wyoming. Yellowstone National Park